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Positive Change in Community, Meaningful Social Justice Advocate & Quality Education 

I am a current School Board Trustee and I believe in the continuity and integrity of board service for meaningful systemic change. I am running for re-election and ask for your support.

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In 2015, a seat on the Jefferson Elementary School District Governing Board unexpectedly became vacant.

Just months before, I pulled my Harmony out of school because her needs were not being met and she was being severely bullied. We did our best to home school her, but her needs exceeded our abilities.

As a family we were overwhelmed and felt defeated. And then the nudge came to run for the seat that was unfortunately vacated by the very individual that I had sought support from the Late Joseph Waters bless his soul.

Fast forward to 2020 my Harmony is out on the Campaign trail with me to hold onto the seat that I fought hard for against 7 others individuals five years ago.

Harmony like many of our students with special needs continue to struggle as our systems aren’t quite capable YET to accommodate their needs during this virtual learning experience along with our schools trying to open safely. We are all trying to get it right!!!

I believe that I have the pulse of the community as a parent, as an advocate and as a contributing citizen of Daly City.

I will continue to fight for equity, inclusion and especially for the Harmony’s and their families who many times are overlooked and voiceless.

She gives me the fire I need to press forward!!!

I LOVE YOU HARMONY Thank you for encouraging Mommy to stay in it !

Hope to continue to be #AVoiceYouCanCountOn #votemanufou #foudakids #fouthecommunity #schoolboard #dalycity

Re-elect manufou liaiga-anoa'i jesd school board


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