Manufou Liaiga Anoa'i for
Daly City Council 2022

Elected Officials

Fiona Ma - California State Treasurer

David Canepa - San Mateo County Supervisor District 5

Ahsha Safai - San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 11

Nancy Magee - San Mateo County Superintendent

Chelsea Bonini - Vice President of San Mateo County Board of Education 

Juslyn Manalo - Daly City Councilmember & Former Mayor of Daly City

Ray Buenaventura - Daly City Councilmember

Eddie Flores - South San Francisco City Councilmember

Regina Wallace Jones - East Palo Alto City Councilmember

Antonio Lopez - East Palo Altoy City Councilmember

Maurice Goodman - San Mateo County Community College Board Trustee

Clayton Koo - President Jefferson Elementary School District Governing Board

Andrea Jordan - VP Jefferson Elementary School District Governing Board

Kalıma Salahaddin - Clerk Jefferson Union High School District Trustee

Joy Gutierrez-Pilare - Bayshore Elementary School District Board Trustee

Mele K Latu - President Ravenswood Board Of Education

Pat Murray - South San Francisco Unified School District Trustee

Natu Tuatagaloa - Former San Rafael School Board Trustee

Nancy Rodriguez - Daly City Arts & Culture Commissioner

Bevan Dufty - Bart Board of Directors

Basem Manneh - San Mateo County Parks & Rec. Commissioner

Christine Fuller - Former Board Trustee San Mateo County Mosquito & Vector Control

Community Leaders

Reyna Meafua - Founder, Pacific Islands Together

Jesse Sapolu - 4x Super Bowl Champion, NFL Pro Bowler, Polynesian Pro Football HOF, Former 49er

Imani Stewart - Community Leader, Daly City Stars

Deanna Moreno - Community Leader

Val Jacobs - Community Leader

Jeremiah Masoli - Pro Canadian Football League Player

Labor Unions

AFT 3267 - American Federation of Teachers Local 3267